How to Start Affiliate Marketing in 2020 (A Step-by-Step Guide)

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This quote inspired me to make money online through affiliate marketing.

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Are you Excited? Right?

Make money While you sleep.

Now, You would think, is it possible to earn money while sleeping?

Yes. It is possible, and this guide helps you to start your first earning by affiliate marketing.

Here, we will discuss the latest affiliate marketing strategy for 2020.

Before we start the guide about How to start affiliate marketing, I would like to give you Basic information about Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

what is affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing Definition

The meaning of affiliate marketing is the way of making a share by promoting/selling other online retailer’s products or services. In this, you have to sign up for the Affiliates program for particular websites you want to sell.

By signing to their affiliates program, we get a unique tracking link for their products. We promote these affiliate marketing links on our websites or blog and make a commission from that. Different affiliate programs have different payment terms.

There are 3 Types of Affiliate Programs for Payment Method-

Pay Per Click(PPC) – In this Affiliate program, we make money when someone clicks on our affiliate link.  

Pay Per Lead(PPL) – In this, we earn money when our online user clicks on our affiliate link. When they give their contact information to the advertiser website.

Pay Per Sale(PPS) – Most of the affiliate programs use this method of payment. When someone clicks on our affiliate link and buys that product/service, we get a commission from that.

Types of Affiliate Program-

In the market now, there are two types of affiliate programs.

  • Self-hosted affiliate program

Under this, advertisers have their affiliate program on their website. You sign in for an affiliate program on their website to promote products/services and make money. For Example, Amazon has a self-hosted affiliate program.

  • Affiliate Networks

In this, the advertiser publishes its products/services on these affiliate networks. This Network connects advertisers and publishers on the same platform.

Some affiliate networks-

  • ShareASale
  • CJ Affiliate
  • ClickBank
  • V Commission

Let’s start the step by step guide about how to earn money through affiliate marketing.

Create an affiliate Blog / Website.

You would think, Do I need a blog/website to make money from affiliate marketing?

Yes, I would advise you to start an affiliate blog to make money for Long time.

Don’t worry about how to start a blog. Because WordPress makes it easy.

Read my step by step guide to start a WordPress blog. How to Start a Blog (Ultimate Guide to Kick-start)

Choose a profitable niche for affiliate marketing.

Choose-a-Profitable-Niche for Affiliate blog

Niche means a category on which you will write an articles on those specific topics.

Most of the beginner affiliate marketers are confused about which niche I should choose for affiliate marketing?

Broad Niche or Micro Niche?

Broad niche has more search volume than micro-niche, so they chose a broad niche, and it’s a big mistake.

Let me clear this confusion. Take an Example,

If you choose a niche of Health, then this is a broad niche. In this niche, we choose Skincare, then this niche is a micro-niche. Then, in the skincare niche, we choose dry Skincare or oily Skincare, this niche is more micro-niche.

I would recommend you go with more micro-niche. Because, as an affiliate marketer, I know that if someone searches for Health, then it’s not a genuine buyer. He is just searching for information about that product or service.

If that person searches for a dry skin care problem, then he is a specific buyer, he knows what he wants. So the chances of selling in this micro-niche are high.

Now you cleared your doubt about which niche you have to choose.

Sign up for affiliate marketing platform.

After choosing a profitable niche, you have to sign up for the affiliate programs. To sign up for different affiliate programs, you have to know where affiliate programs for that website.

For finding affiliate programs for any website, I tell you a chrome extension that gives you an exact affiliate program link for that particular website. The chrome extension is Affilitizer. You can install it for free in your chrome browser.

Sign up for affiliate marketing on Amazon.

affiliate marketing on amazon

Amazon affiliate programs are self-hosted. Sign up for amazon associates; you have to go to the affiliate program website. Affiliate marketing with Amazon is easy. Anyone can do affiliate marketing in Amazon. There is no any terms and condition to apply for the Amazon affiliate program.

Choose affiliate products/services to sell or promote.

choose a affiliate product

You have to find products for affiliates that are related to our niche. Find the best product that is popular and more saleable.

One of the best platforms to finding an affiliate products or services is to join Affiliate Networks.

Several most popular affiliate networks-

  • CJ Affiliate
  • ShareASale
  • MaxBounty
  • ClickBank
  • V Commission
  • Avangate network
  • FlexOffers
  • OfferVault

After joining this affiliate networks, then you can easily search for any product or services. Go to search bar and enter your niche keywords to find affiliate advertiser for particular products.

You can also search specific products on Amazon for Amazon affiliate marketing on your blog.

How to write content for Affiliate Marketing that Ranks.

write content for affiliate blog

Content writing is the most crucial step in an affiliate marketing blog. Your written content indicates that the visitor should buy that product or not. So you should write honest content about a product so your reader will trust you. By making trust to your reader, you will make more sales in the affiliate blog.

Some crucial tips for writing engaging content.

  • Use proper headline in the content which pulls the clicks.
  • It must be honest content about that product or service.
  • Highlight important texts like deals/coupons/special offers
  • Write short paragraphs (no more than three lines in a paragraph)

Here, I give you some specific article types that help you to rank high.

How-to type Articles.

These types of articles are mostly problem-solving articles. In this article, you have to write about a solution to that problem.

  • For Example,
    • How to remove pimples for Dry skin?
    • How to lose weight?

Listicles type articles.

These types of articles are specific to the buyer. Buyer search for the top best product when he is at the researching stage about products. In this, you have to create listicle articles.

  • For Example,
    • Top 10 best smartphones for gaming.
    • Top 5 most enjoyable places to visit.

Review type Articles.

In this, you have to write honest reviews about products or services. By reading reviews, the buyer will understand whether he has to buy that product or not. So in this case, also our sales conversion is high.

  • For Example,
    • Samsung Galaxy M31 – User opinions and reviews
    • Comparison articles ( A vs. B)

Comparison type articles ( A vs. B)

In this, you have to create an article that compares more than two products. This article also made more sales. Because of this type of article readers are most of the buyers, who have knowledge about those products. Now he wanted to know which is best to buy.

  • For Example,
    • Asus vs. Dell Laptops: Which Brand Is Better?
    • OnePlus 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S20: Which Is Better?
    • Coupons, Discounts, and Deals type Articles.

Coupons, Discounts, and Deals type Articles.

This type of article gives you a higher rate of conversion of the affiliate products. When someone searches for coupons or discounts, then it is at the buying stage.

  • For Example,
    • Amazon Coupons & Offers: 90% Off Amazon Promo Code

Drive Quality Traffic on the affiliate blog/website.

drive a quality traffic on affiliate blog

Without traffic, you can’t make sales by this blog. But don’t worry about it. Here I will give you some crucial steps that will provide you quality traffic to your blog. By this quality traffic, you definitely get sales from your affiliate links.

  • Sign up to question-answer sites like Quora. Start answering questions that are related to your niche and wherever you want to add a link to your article.
  • Join some forums which are related to your niche.
    • For finding your niche related forum, you can search on google for “Niche name + Forum.” By this, you will find the most useful forums.
  • If you want to invest more in Affiliate marketing. Then you can go for Facebook ads because social media gives you more quality traffic. By this, you can sell more products to genuine buyers.
  • Active on Social media sites and join some suitable groups related to your niche. You can get some quality traffic from social media.

How to build an email list for affiliate marketing.

build an email list for affiliate marketing

Most of the affiliate marketers don’t make an email list, and they drop most sales from email marketing.

We will earn by the affiliate from online visitors if they read our article and click on our affiliate link for buy.

But what about those online visitors, Who didn’t give time to read the entire article?

Don’t worry about that; here, I will give you a technique to capture that visitor by building an email list. This is the best affiliate marketing strategy in 2020.

For the Building Email list, we have to make Lead Magnet.

What is Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is an offer that you can give to your online visitors. By giving offer you can get email ids and other information like a Mobile number or something.

If you want to scale your income, you have to build an email list that boosts your affiliate sales.

Here are some examples of Lead Management.

1. Giving Free Guide

examples of lead magnet template

2. Giving Free case Study

examples of lead magnet template

3. Giving Free E-book

4. Giving Mini Video Course-

examples of lead magnet template

5. Giving Exclusive Deals/Coupons Codes-

examples of lead magnet template for affiliate blog

After making email list, you require an email marketing software that manages emails and sends them pre-made emails to them directly.

In my opinion, the best email marketing software is ConvertKit. This offers FREE for up-to 1000 Subscribers.

You can simply use this software and engage your online visitors with your emails.

First, make a relation to your email subscriber by sending informative content to their mailbox. After making a relationship, you can send offers right to their inbox and by this technique, you will make more sales by email marketing.

FAQs Related to Affiliate Marketing.

Frequently asked questions related to affiliate marketing

How to Choose a Domain Name for Affiliate Marketing?

For choosing a domain name for affiliate marketing, you should choose a domain name, Partial Match Domain (PMD) with your product name. This means you choose a domain name that partially matches the product name. Don’t go with Exact Match Domain to the product name because most of the companies have a trademark that name, and you can’t use that name in a domain name.

Is Affiliate Marketing worth it?

Yes, it is worth it. Now, most of the companies generate their sales by affiliate programs. Also, most companies give a higher percentage per sale. So in the upcoming year, affiliate marketing will widely grow.

How long does it take to make your first money in affiliate marketing?

You can start earning money within the first couple of months. But for this, you have to do smart work. Follow the above guide to begin your first earning within a month.

Can I Do Affiliate Marketing Without a Website?

Yes, you can do affiliate marketing without a website. But for long-run profits, I would strongly suggest you start a website or blog. Now, It is easy to start a WordPress blog. You can follow this guide to start an affiliate website.

Can you start affiliate marketing with no money?

Yes, You can start an affiliate marketing free. For that, you have to make Social media groups, Instagram, Telegram channel, and Whatsapp groups. From this, you can make a network and then send your affiliate offers in those groups or pages. You also make a free blog with a blogger and do affiliate marketing on the blogger platform.

Is affiliate marketing dead?

The straight answer is “NO.” Affiliate Marketing is not dead. Because most of the companies sell their product quickly with affiliate programs. They don’t need to to give advance money for affiliates, they give commission after their product sold. So, in this case, there is no possibility of loss to the company. Due to this, in upcoming years, affiliate marketing is in high demand.


I hope this guide will helps you to start your affiliate marketing.

I given you my best for this article. Now your turn to give your best for affiliate marketing.

All the best four your first earning by affiliate.

If you have any problem regarding affiliate marketing, then you can ask me in comment below. Also if you want to join our Telegram group then Join us by clicking Blogging Terminal.

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