7 Best Free Keyword Research Tools: 2nd One Amazing!

Looking to find Profitable keywords to target but don’t have the money or budget to buy Paid Tools?

best Free Keyword Research tool

Don’t Worry🙂

Here, I am giving you Proven Keyword research tools for your article, which actually gives you Results.

Crazy? Really You get Keywords for Free?

Yes. You get absolutely free Keywords by this Keyword tools for 2020.

Lets checkout this Keyword research tool.

1. KeywordTool.io

This is the online Keyword research tool, which is absolutely free of cost for searching keywords.

Click here to open KeywordTool.io

Keyword.io best keyword tool

Key Features of keywordtool.io

  • This Keyword Tool generates up to 750+ long-tail keyword suggestions for every search keyword.
  • You can use directly online on Mobile or Computer.
  • You can use Without login or Signup.
  • The best alternative for Google Keyword Planner.

I tested this keyword tool for google ranking, and I get some good keywords.

Now, go for a second amazing keyword tool, which gives you exact Keyword Difficulty(KD) and Searches volume.

Amazing? Right?

2. Ahref Keyword Generator: Best Free Keyword Research Tool

For me, its Premium tool.

Most of the Top bloggers use Ahref Paid tool.

But here I will tell you Secret Trick 🔑 to use a Free tool as a Paid.


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First, go to the Ahref Keyword Generator

Here I want keywords for Running Shoes. Then I searched this term.

ahref keyword generator

Then Result comes.

But here I get 100 keywords for that particular search term and shows Keyword Difficulty (KD) for the first 10 Keywords only.

Now here it’s the Secret.

If you want more keywords, then I told you the First Keyword tool, which gives you more than 750+ keywords ideas.

From that, you shortlist some good keywords and search one by one in the Ahref keyword generator tool for finding exact Keyword Difficulty and Search volume for free.

If you want to find KD, which is not showing in the Ahref Keyword Generator tool, then Just search that specific keyword again in the search term.

You will get both Keyword Difficulty and Search Volume with Absolutely free of cost.

By this technique you can use Ahref paid tool for free of cost, I will give it name as a Freemium tool.

Let’s move to third one.

3. Keyword Sheeter

keyword sheeter

This Keyword Tool generates thousands of keyword ideas for free.

Main Key Feature is you can export the result in excel for free in just one click.

In this also you can use without login or signup for getting keywords.

Click here to open the keyword Sheeter.

By this tool, you will get all keyword ideas but without search volume and keyword difficulty.

Move on to the fourth keyword tool.

4. Ubersuggest

ubersuggest free keyword research tool

Ubersuggest is a Freemium tool.

You can use it as a free up to a certain limit.

But you will get keyword ideas with search volume and KD for free. ( Note – You will not get KD for all keywords, but for the specific limit, you will get free)

Click here to check out Uber Suggest for Free.

Move on to the Google Trends.

5. Google Trends

google trends

Google Trends can assist you to see the relative quality of keywords, offer valuable information on regional variations. They could be an excellent supply for evaluating seasonality and trends in changes with program volume for specific keywords over time.

This information is useful as a result of assisting you to avoid jumping on a trend that has passed and can allow you to see what matters to Google users currently.

If you want to find Keywords for Running Shoes, then type in a search term and enter.

google trend search result

Then you will get all data about that search term by showing that keyword interest graph overtime period, interest bu subregion, related topic, and Related Querries.

By this, you will get Trending keywords and topics, which makes your article more powerful.

6. SEMrush Free Trial

You can use this SEMrush tool for free upto 30 days.

Click here to get Free Trail of SEMrush.

SEMrush is No. one in keyword research tool.

Here, I am giving you some bonus material which is Keyword Research course with Greg Gifford by SEMrush.


7. Ahref Free Trial

ahref free trial

As you know How’s Ahref is Powerful ? Most of the Top Bloggers trust on Ahref Tool.

Just only one cons of Ahref is it’s little Costly.

Move to the Final Wording.🛑


I hope I told you the best tools for your keyword research.

You can check yourself and tell me, How’s that? In the comment section below.

If you have any doubts or queries about the free keyword research tool, then let me know. I will glad to resolve your query.

Go Do Keyword research and get ranks in Google.🙂

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