How to Start a Blog in 2020 from Scratch (Ultimate Guide to Kick-Start)

💡It’s a right thought in your mind, let’s convert that thought into a decision.

I am here to help you to start a website. So don’t worry how it will be possible.🙂

Are you Ready to Take Decision to Start a Blog?

When I take this decision of Starting a Blog and that Decision was 100% Right for me. Then I Started Blog and making some decent money from blogging.

It has Changed my Life Completely.

Here is Screenshot of my recent Earning by Google AdSense.

how to start blog

Also, I make money by Affiliate Marketing which is almost in range of $500-$700 per month. If you don’t know about it, check this How to Start Affiliate Marketing.

Why I am saying this because if you are confused about taking decision then my dear friend if I had not Decided on that Day then I Miss this Opportunity and also I don’t make any Money.

So you have Golden Chance Now.

This year 2020, you have a Golden Opportunity to start a blog. You have more opportunities than others, who will take decision later than you.

Further proceed, you should commit yourself that I can do it now? I will convert this thought into the decision. I think you committed, So be an Action taker. Let’s go.

Here I will guide you in 8 easy steps for a better understanding of how to start a blog

Step 1- How to Choose a Niche for your start of blog.

choose a niche for your blog

First, I want to tell you that niche means the category on which you write content for particular topics in that category.

To choose a niche for your blog, observe yourself that what you have knowledge about in which type you will write lots of things.

Let me sort your problem about a niche, take an example if you are a gym trainer in a gym then you are a body trainer. Then you have the strength of writing blogs in the fitness category.

In the world, people’s primary need is Health, Money, Food, Home, and Lifestyle. I am giving you some profitable niche and trending niche.

  • How to make money.
  • Health and Fitness.
  • Blog about Fashion & Lifestyle.
  • Personality Development.
  • Blog about Food recipes.

For finding Profitable Niche you have to do some Keyword Research by SEMrush SEO Tool. Go here for 7 days FREE use of SEMrush.

But you have to focus on one niche only, which will make your blog unique.

Follow your passion for what you liked most, in which category you can write more and more content. 

I think you got an answer about choosing a niche.

Step 2- Choose a Domain name.

choose a domain name

When I started my blogging career, I wasted 2-3 days on searching for the best premium or brandable domain. That time I don’t know about premium domain names.

But Don’t worry about that. By this tool, you will get a premium domain name by adding your niche category. Click here to go to the Lean Domain Search.

It’s up to you if you want to include your niche in the domain name. If you add a niche name in your domain name, then it’s good for SEO(Search Engine Optimisation).

If your niche is Fitness, you can find a domain name with that niche name. For example, or, etc

My suggestion is to go with a niche domain that sounds good. Always remember that you don’t use numbers in the domain name. Because if you tell your site name to others, then they get confused about what to type number or number in words.

Always go with .com because it’s global. 

Now, you get an idea about choosing a domain name.

Let’s go to the next step.

Step 3- Find a good hosting and cheap in cost for Starter.

Fast, good and Cheap hosting

After choosing a suitable domain name, you have to host that site. Hosting means service, which stores your data on the website: various blog pages, blog posts, and images, videos of your blog in the there system.

Web hosting services play an essential role when anybody visits your site, which means giving speed to load your site. It depends on your web hosting.

So you will get confused about which hosting I can choose to start a blog.

Here I am giving you the best hosting services which you can take it with no doubt.

  • BlueHost – The best web hosting, which gives you Free domain for first year with SSL certificate included. Trust me there support and service are superb. You will have no problem about their service.
Bluehost hosting
  • A2 Hosting – It’s a superb hosting among all of them. There support is also more responsive. I don’t have words about saying their review. You see, here some popular bloggers review.
  • Hostinger – It’s the world’s cheapest hosting provider. If you are a beginner to start a blog, trust me, and you should buy this hosting to start your blogging career.
hostinger hosting

Most of the beginner use this Hostinger because it is cheap in cost almost $1 to $3 per month. 

So you have now completed your necessary steps that your blog wants.

Let’s move ahead.

Step 4- Installing WordPress and Set up WordPress. 

how to start a blog on WordPress

WordPress is the Blogging platform and its best platform. So don’t waste your time on choosing a blogging platform. Word press has more themes and more plugins that change your blog to look more impressive. 

WordPress is a simple software like using our Microsoft Excel, WordPad, Microsoft paint, etc. If you practice more, then you know more about that. 

So you think – Is WordPress Free For Install? Then the answer is it’s a Free for Installing and for use.

Now for Installing WordPress, login into your Hosting account site. There you see, set up your website. In that, you have to choose an option to start a new website.

Then you see options to choose the software you want to install, like WordPress, Joomla, Weebly, etc.

WordPress install in website

No doubt you have to choose only WordPress because it’s best. Among in the world, 75% of websites running on WordPress.

After Installing WordPress software, you have to create a new account. For creating a new account, enter the details, as I showed you below.

setup WordPress login details

(Note – Ensure that for WordPress, you have to create a long character password, so hackers do not hack it. Create more than 15 character passwords so it’s been secure and not will be a hack.)

After setup WordPress, go through your WordPress panel by URL.

WordPress panel login

Bookmark this URL for going to your WordPress panel.

Step 5- Choose an excellent and lightweight blogging theme.

Choose a WordPress theme

Choosing a right theme is the most crucial step.

How your site looks is depends on which theme you choose and how you customize design. 

Design affects your audience if visitors liked that design, then they like to read your posts. If they irritate your design look, they will close your site and move to another website.

So always remember while choosing a theme that is not having more colors in the design and keep simple.

8 Things to Consider While Choosing Theme.

  • Pick a Lightweight WordPress Theme.
  • Check Responsive Design.
  • SEO Optimized or Schema Optimized.
  • Top Tier Speed for Loading Pages.
  • Should Secure and Stable Theme.
  • Plugin Supported.
  • Check Browser Compatibility.
  • Simple is Better.

All the Above things are found in GeneratePress theme.

That’s why, I am using the GeneratePress theme because its light 30kb in size, and the loading speed is also fast.

Also, StudioPress is a lightweight and simple theme you can use.

For installing this theme, you have to go to your WP panel (WordPress Panel) by the login WP panel. Now you see a Themes menu at the left side in the Appearance section.

Then click on themes, then you can search them by name, which you want to install. After installing activate that theme.

add new theme in WordPress

It’s that simple. Now you can write a new post for your blog.

Step 6- Write a new post on your blog.

Now you are on the journey of a successful blogger. Believe if you write 15 to 20 articles about your niche. Then that specific audience is coming to your blog by searching those keywords, which is your topic you post on the blog.

It’s a success of a successful blogger that he drives traffic to his blog. 

For Writing new post Go to Dashboard → Post → Add New.

add new post in WordPress blog

Here you will be in writing post, and it’s as simple as how Microsoft Word you use.

Follow these tips for blog writing on your blog-

  • Write a post that connects to your reader so that your reader will not get bored.
  • Where ever you want, you can give detail with the image by uploading that image. Because psychology says that the human mind attracts to imaginary vision. So use pictures in post at least 10.
  • If your blog is about an informative niche, then you have to write with an example, so readers will understand what you want to say. Like how I give examples in this post.
  • Make sure it’s readable content.
  • The most important tip is you should write more than 1000 words
  • Please Don’t choose a fancy font because it’s not readable. 

Note – Use Grammarly for correcting grammatical errors.

Step 7- Important Plugins that you need.

Rankmath – Rankmath uses for SEO on blog posts and blog pages. They design Rank Math to give the right information to you at the same time while you write a post. The simple but powerful user-interface and shows are leading information SEO. Using this blogging tool, you can improve your post’s SEO and helps to rank on google.

Elementor – It is the world’s Best Page builder plugin. By this Plugin, you create a Landing Pages for your site. You can design a post as you want to show. It’s an excellent plugin for building pages impressively. This Plugin has a Free and Paid version available.

WP Rocket – You know the speed factor of loading sites. So this Plugin optimizes for better loading speed. It makes your website faster than ever. But it’s not freely available. You can pay some money for this helpful blogging tool.

For installing Plugins Go to Plugins >> Add New Plugin

add new plugin in WordPress

Search for Plugins that you need.

Then Install and activate it.

I think you get entirely an idea about how to start a blog.

Step 8- How can I Increase my Blog Traffic?

increase blog traffic

Driving traffic to blog is the biggest challenge that every blogger’s face. But don’t worry about it. Here I will give you some crucial tips. If you follow these tips, then you will get quality traffic to your blog.

  • Make a list of your competitor’s sites. Read all posts they posted till now. Read carefully and make notes for all topics. Gain knowledge about your niche, and which topics are giving quality traffic. Then write a new post about those topics on your own.
  • Search for sites that provide you to write a guest post on their website.
  • Join some forums about your niche and start helping others by answering their questions. You can also put your article link if the subject is relevant to your articles.
  • Subscribe to question-answer sites like Quora. Start answering related questions and where ever you want to add a link of your article.
  • Active on Social media sites and join some relevant groups that allow you to post the link of articles. You can get some quality traffic from social media.

Main tip for increasing initial traffic you have to setup Email Marketing. By this email marketing you can inbox your latest articles direct to your email subscribers.

I would recommend the tool for email marketing is ConvertKit. For beginning you get 1000 subscribers quota Absolutely Free of Cost.

Bonus Step for becoming Successful blogger

Bonus Tip – Be passionate, and Be motivated about a blogging career.

do not give up for blog writing

If you want to be a successful blogger, then you have to be consistent with your work and passion. It will help if you read books about your niche category.

Also, read popular competitive blogs. By these, you will get fresh ideas about topics on which you can write a new post.

And make sure that you will initially write 2-3 posts in a week. That helps you to get more traffic in your blog.

If you are still thinking about when I will start a blog, then your answer is Now and Never. It would be best if you started a blog today. 

Be action taker, because day by day, Internet users are increasing. More and more Audience is coming to see your articles. Don’t think negative, Be positive



Great. I know you get exact idea about blogging.

I wrote this guide because this decision of starting a blog was changed my life. So I think most of peoples also are in confusion about starting a blog.

So, I hope that now you have no any doubts and confusion about start a blog.

If you have any queries about how to start a blog, you can comment below, and also I created a Telegram Group to guide you. You can Join here by clicking the Telegram group of Blogging Terminal.

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